Who Inspires you?

20171127_090629I remember watching tv shows like Oprah when I was little where an inspirational person would get nominated for a makeover or a prize and I remember thinking I should write in and nominate my Mom. I really wanted my Mom to know how incredible I thought she was and I also wanted to see her get a little TLC since she always made everyone else a priority. Now that I’m a mother of four I look back in awe at how tough she was and how she managed to work two jobs and take care of us. I think back to hard times like when the U.S. bombed Baghdad when I was 9 years old and my Mom was immediately deployed. I still get teary eyed remembering that day at the airport when my Dad had to pull me out of her arms because I didn’t want to see my Momma go to war. I draw strength from inspirational people like my Mom and I know others do too. In a world where we often forget just how many incredible people there are around us I want to take a little time to celebrate somebody who’s inspiring others. This holiday season I want to pay it forward to a special someone who inspires you! Message us and nominate someone who deserves a little pampering from us! We will be picking one lucky winner who we will be surprising in December! Happy Giving Tuesday!

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