The Magnolia Story


Sunday mornings call for a big cup of coffee and an inspirational read! For a while now a few of my close friends and customers have been telling me how much my story reminds them of Joanna’s story from the reality show Fixer Upper. I haven’t found the time to watch her show between the store and our four boys so I bought this book last week while I was traveling to learn more about her. I found out I have so much in common with Joanna and my husband is just like Chip lol!!! There were so many crazy coincidences we share that I kept slapping my husband’s leg telling him you have to read this paragraph because you will not believe this! One of the many crazy coincidences is when she talked about opening her first store. She talked to Chip before she opened and they decided she needed to make $200 a day to be able to stay afloat and on her grand opening day she was so nervous that nobody would show up that she was hyperventilating and then the customers started to pour in! (This is exactly how it went for me right down to the exact daily sales goal and talk with my husband Steve and lots and lots of hyperventilating lol!) Another great part of her book is where she talked about her customers. There were women that stopped by her store and spent a lot of money and there was another customer who never bought a thing. She would show up now and then and poke around and one time she told her “I just come here because I want to be here. This place inspires me.” Joanna said this is one of the greatest compliments she could imagine and that it affirmed that she had accomplished exactly what she had set out to do. This gave me goosebumps as I read this because again this is just like my own story. I remember shortly after we opened telling my husband how fulfilling it was to watch women come in and have fun whether they bought anything or not. I was and still am so humbled and honored that people love to come and visit and sometimes from hours away. I love seeing the customers everyday who stop by to waste time before a doctor’s appointment, or the customers that love to just walk around the store for a pick me up, seeing friends meet up at the store to shop and catch up, or when three generations of women make memories shopping together and watching couples and families shop together and the husbands enjoy sitting in the man cave or the dressing room lounge while their wives shop to their hearts content. Hearing the laughter radiate through what used to be an old abandoned theater makes me feel like I’m doing what I set out to do. I woke up feeling so grateful for every single one of my customers this morning and want to sincerely thank you for being a part of what feels like a dream!

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