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It’s already been a year since I wrote this post below after receiving a letter from Becker County Human Services. After it posted last year THE NINES ended up raising enough money to send local foster kids to camp and they even hand wrote me the sweetest thank you letters! If you didn’t read my post from last year please read and enjoy 10% off all of your purchases all week both online and in the store (3/27 – 4/1). We will be donating a percentage of our sales for the entire week to help send local kids to camp again this summer! Use coupon code camp10 online.


PLEASE READ! I received this letter last week from Becker County Human Services asking for a small donation to help local foster kids go to summer camp. I’ve never openly talked about this before (and I will probably go throw up in the bathroom after this posts as I don’t like to get personal lol) but I was in foster care for a very short period of time when I was 14. I started telling my husband one of the painful memories that came to my mind after reading the Becker County letter and I couldn’t stop crying. When I think back and remember how traumatic it was and how I almost gave up on my life, I can’t help but want to somehow help these kids and give them some type of glimmer of hope and let them know how loved they truly are and that even with a sometimes tough beginning in life there is a very bright future ahead even though you can’t always see it. I’m not going to share my full story as I’m saving it for a book I’m writing but I felt I needed to share this. Monday and Tuesday this week I will be giving a percentage of my sales at THE NINES to help these fabulous local foster children go to summer camp. Enjoy 10% off your purchases and shop for a good cause Monday & Tuesday!
God Bless! -Lauren
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