Dreaming Big: The behind the scenes of creating our store

New Nines facade 1 (1)Before

New Nines facade 2After

Watch this behind the scenes video  http://www.easywebvideo.com/61a0d9a1

My Dad made this video (click on the link above to watch) for me for my birthday last week and it brought a tear to my eye so I wanted to share it with all of you :) This video is all about the transformation and behind the scenes of what went into remodeling our current store location before our Re-Grand Opening in November. Deciding after just one year of being in business to move from our 1700 square foot boutique into an 4600 square foot old theater was definitely a risk and I’m not going to lie, I was scared at times during the process especially when we realized the remodeling challenges that lie ahead. This video makes me cry because it reminds me that you need to push forward when you’re scared and not back down even though life would be easier if you didn’t grow and if you truly believe in yourself you keep pushing forward no matter how many people tell you that you might fail. I remember at times thinking ” We are honestly crazy! How are we ever going to pull this off?” but I had incredible faith and an amazing husband with serious carpentry skills lol. I still look at the store and find it hard to believe we did it and every time I hear a customer tell me how much fun they had shopping I cant help but feel humbled and grateful that my once crazy dream is bringing people joy on a daily basis. We initially thought the remodel would take 3-4 months and when we realized the design challenges we were up against it ended up taking us over a year. The biggest remodeling challenges included a floor of all different heights designed originally for a movie theater and a load bearing wall at the entrance that completely shut off the rest of the building that we had to remove. My husband was very patient with me and all of my crazy design ideas especially when I told him I wanted the floors made out of giant recycled electrical spools that he would have to dismantle and then plain by hand in our front yard for 3 months or when I told him I didn’t just want basic sinks in the bathroom, I wanted bathroom sinks made out of vintage Singer Sewing Machines.

It’s hard to believe what can happen in 3 years when you believe!
“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up”
Have a beautiful Sunday :) -Lauren

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