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Celebrate yourself

20180506_071111It’s been a little while since I did one of my pay it forwards so when a little bird told me about a local woman who is currently going through a challenging time I was excited to get involved :) My goal was to help her find a new outfit to help her celebrate her new look with confidence!

Timber Johnson has been battling psoriasis for 14 years. Back in March, at the recommendation from Mayo Clinic physicians, she made the decision that it was time to shave her head. The reason? The psoriasis medicine had a better chance of being effective when absorbed into her scalp vs. her long hair. While her husband and 3 brothers all stepped up to show support by shaving their heads too, losing her hair significantly impacted her self-esteem. That’s when a mutual friend, suggested that they go and find a few outfits at The Nines that helped her feel as though this new hair-do is part of her new style. Clothes & accessories certainly can’t solve our physical challenges; however, when a person discovers a flattering pair of pants or a top that is cut to accentuate one’s shape, it can change the trajectory of their emotional state. Over the course of a few hours, Timber learned all kinds of fashion tips and tricks for her body shape…and she began to see herself differently. She began to see herself as the beautiful person she is.

Watching Timber at the store yesterday was truly inspirational and a great reminder that when life hands you lemons you put on an awesome outfit and rock it out like the badass God created you to be! When we look good, we feel good. And another thing I know: when we help others…we can feel pretty good too!

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