Monthly Archives: February 2017

My Biggest Fear


We dropped off and donated a truck full of shoes to Dress for Success in Fargo this afternoon and it brought back a memory that made me smile. I remember how nervous I was when I first opened the store about 3 1/2 years ago. I was insanely scared at the thought of the store not surviving in our little tourist town. My biggest fear: What if things don’t sell? What would I do then? I faced this big fear head on everyday, prayed like crazy, worked my butt off and I persevered. So this big fear I had, things not selling, turned out to be a blessing. The awesome part is when things don’t sell I bring those items to Dress For Success who in turn help women with interview/work outfits to help get them back into the workforce. From time to time Dress For Success posts pics of the women they help and when I see those women wearing the clothes or shoes donated from my store it’s a reward that money could never give me. Knowing that a pair of shoes or an article of clothing from my store helped a woman feel confident for her job interview is not only something that feeds my soul but it reminds me to not let fear stop me. I just wanted to share this in case someone needed to hear it :)