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Nominate your hero!


For those of you new to my store ,THE NINES, and what we’re all about, we often like to do little pay it forwards to local people that inspire us. Sometimes we ask our customers to nominate people they know and sometimes we just happen to run into these amazing people around town.

These little pay it forwards all started on one of my days off when I first opened the store almost 3 years ago. I  was getting a coffee at McDonald’s (yes, there wasn’t a Caribou Coffee in Detroit Lakes back then) and the lady in the drive through was so unbelievably happy and insanely upbeat that it almost scared me at first and it also kind of took my breath away.  I had been getting my morning coffee at that McDonald’s location since I moved back to Minnesota several years ago and the customer service has always been good but nothing like this, that’s why I was so thrown off by her that morning.  I left the drive through so incredibly uplifted and inspired by her that I knew I needed to do something. I told my staff about the lady at McDonald’s and how I felt we needed to let her know how much she is appreciated. I decided if that same happy woman working the drive through was there the following morning I was going to have a $50 gift card ready for her and tell her thank you for brightening up this world with her contagious enthusiasm. She was there the next morning and she was so shocked and excited when I  gave her the gift card. She even visited me at the store after work and hugged me and thanked me.  Sometimes we forget how powerful our words are. Words change people’s lives, as they have mine (but that’s for another blog).

So that’s how this all started and then we decided to get our customers involved! One of my own personal heroes, my Mom, who has served in multiple wars as a flight nurse and has faced obstacles I can’t imagine facing. She’s one of those people that you would never even know has led such an incredible life because she is so quit and humble.   She’s the reason I wanted to reach out to all of you and hear about your personal heroes so we can all learn and be inspired and of course to treat that deserving woman to a new outfit!

Please send me an email and nominate your hero! She could be a friend or co-worker who’s just flat out amazing, someone you know who’s big into helping others or the community or maybe a relative who takes care of everyone but herself. We want to hear her story and give her an hour of pampering while my staff and I have her try on clothes like “Pretty Woman” until she finds the perfect outfit to take home for free! Then we are going to share her story and pictures on our Blog!

Please send your emails to and put “hero” in the subject line. Your hero must live somewhat close to Detroit Lakes or be willing to drive to get here for her mini makeover :)

All emails need to be sent in by the end of February. My staff and I will be picking one lucky winner the first week in March. We are  looking forward to reading about your heroes!