Self Love

We’ve all had those thoughts when looking in the mirror: “I wish my arms were more toned. Why does my hair look like this? Are those crow’s feet?!”

Things that are part of our body and history have left us feeling inadequate, unloved, and not our best when they should leave us feeling proud, beautiful, and strong.

Stretch marks are the sign of growth or motherhood, lines and wrinkles are signs of wisdom and laughs from over the years, and scars show that we have survived what we thought at that time was unsurvivable.

While we are only human and see flaws in ourselves, here at THE NINES, we see each and every one of you ladies for who you are: strong, fabulous, and beautiful, inside and out.

Although we are taking this stance from a boutique’s viewpoint, we are still real women that struggle with the same self love and body image issues every other woman deals with. But what makes our job so special is that we meet new women every day that take our breath away on what real beauty is and how we perceive it.

Our passion for fashion goes beyond a materialist craving. Read below to hear the story of Lauren and what inspired her to create THE NINES.


“We are so hard on ourselves when we look in the mirror.

I remember after having my youngest son, I struggled to get my baby weight off. I almost couldn’t look in the mirror and not just because I was at my highest weight. But I felt inadequate for many other reasons and I remember thinking someday I will be thinner, I will have a better job and I will be able to look in the mirror again and see someone I was proud of. But for now I’m not happy with what I see in the mirror.

I was really down and my husband told me I should go shopping to lift my spirits. Doing what all Moms do, I tried to put my kids and family first and I told my husband that we couldn’t afford to be buying me clothes I will have to give away in 6 months when I hopefully take the weight off. He told me he wasn’t taking no for an answer so off I went to shop. At first I was a little depressed while thumbing through the racks since I was looking at much larger sizes than what I normally wear but I tried on clothes anyway. I ended up putting together 3 outfits and I treated myself to a really awesome pair of shoes.

The next morning when I was getting ready for work I put on my new outfit, new shoes and I curled my hair. I looked in the mirror and I broke down and cried. Tears of joy were streaming down my face because it was the first time I felt beautiful in years. I felt important and confident again. I wasn’t at my goal weight, I wasn’t doing well financially, many things in life could have been better at the time but I felt like I was back! The fun loving spunky go getter of a woman was back!

My life drastically changed after that day. The day I treated myself to the outfits and started loving myself again everything in my life changed for the better. I think I just needed to be reminded that I matter and I’m worth it.  I was promoted at work, my relationship with my husband was stronger than ever, I was offered a new job and only a year and a half after that day I opened THE NINES. 

So you can say I’m pretty passionate about fashion. It’s what’s on the inside that counts but it’s kind of amazing what you attract into your life when you start dressing like the rockstar you were created to be and when you remind yourself how truly important you are. My hope is that if you’re not already taking great care of yourself and loving yourself that you start.

It’s time to fall in love with you all over again today, not in a few months when you’re at your goal weight, when you graduate college, when you have the right job, or when you meet the right person. No excuses, you are a masterpiece and deserve to be celebrated. Love that person you see in the mirror and start reminding yourself daily of all the great things you add to this world. Don’t forget to treat yourself and remind yourself of how important you truly are.

Remember, if you need help finding that outfit or just need some words of encouragement my staff and I are here to help you six days a week!”


Lauren pictured here with her family visiting the Grand Canyon this past month.

Lauren pictured here with her family visiting the Grand Canyon this past month.



When you look good, you feel good, you do good. It’s beyond the designer labels, trends, and prices tags, but more about the outcome and overall feeling of self worth.

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6 thoughts on “Self Love

  • Melanie Nelson

    That was a very touching and uplifting story, thanks for sharing. I have been going through something that has had me feeling less than the woman I know I can be. A breast cancer diagnosis twice is something that has made me take a step back and take health more serious but a person can really get down on themselves and let everyday crap work against them. I will win!

    • The Nines Post author

      Melanie, thank you so much for sharing your story of survival and perseverance. We know it takes a tough person to take on that kind of battle. We wish you the best.

  • Karen Spielman

    Wonderful post! How on earth do you coordinate working and a family of 4 boys? That alone earns my respect for you. I am looking forward to shopping in your new store💕

  • onne Anderson

    Every woman should tell herself,they’re beautiful,smart and successful.And they will be.We are what we believe we are.It’s that simple and also that hard.Faith IS hard.


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